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Finding out that the roll-down door or the roller shutter is trapped is never a pleasant experience. And that goes for any type of overhead door: You might own a storefront gate in New York City, a garage door in Queens, or roll down gate in the Bronx, when the door get stuck, you need a specialist ASAP. Luckily for you, you found Speedy Doors of NYC which is a local gate repairs service-provider in New York City who specialize in garage doors and gates services in New York City New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. With our same day service, we can fix "not working" roll down gate in New York City today. Yes, we can repair the gate today. We might not be able to complete the repair on the spot, but we can at least provide you with a temporary repair service, and we will return the next day to complete the service.

Emergency Roll Down Gate Repairs NYC

When commercial use iron door get stuck, the time become an important factor. And there is a need to get the gate working again ASAP. Let’s take for example a commercial use roller shutter that came off rails in New York City. It can happen before the business working hours, and it can happen after the business hours before closing. In both cases the technicians of Speedy Doors can provide you with temporary gate repair, but with a big difference: If it happened in the morning, we can return the same day with the missing materials and complete the repair. However if it happened late at night, we can only provide you with a temporary solution, and return the next day with the missing component to complete the service.

he spot when there are materials needed is close to impossible. Unlike the garage doors, the roll-down doors in New York require custom made materials such as the spring, the slots or the bottom bar, and in that case there is a need to order the part from our work shop, and to bring and install it. The important thing about emergency gate repairs in NYC is to provide with a solution until the missing part will be delivered and installed.

Be Careful! Off track gate is dangerous. Bringing the gate back into the rails require special equipment and special methods. Do not try and bring the gate back into the rails by yourself. It is not as simple as it might seem, and the reason that made the roll-down door’s slats come off rails should also be addressed. The best thing you can do is to hire a local repairman in NYC to repair the gate.

Roll Down Door/Gate Spring Repair

Most people are not even aware to the fact that there is spring installed above their roll up door. However the truth is that the spring which is installed above the gate is what makes the gate going up smoothly and what prevent the gate from falling down when you open it up. And when the spring is "not working" and require a repair it can be tough to operate the gate, and in many cases even impossible. Some "not working" spring can be fixed, and in many cases there is a need to completely replace the spring with a new spring.

Repairing a "not working" spring is not a job for “do it yourself” type of repairs. And when it is a commercial use rolling door repairing or replacing the "not working" spring is a mission that require heavy duty equipment and custom made parts. If you are thinking about watching tutorial or watch a Video on Youtube about gate repairs in New York, and then fix the "not working" spring or replace it by DIY, you better think again! The commercial use gates can be dangerous. Dangerous in a way that misuse of the gate can end with an injury or even death. If the roll up gate spring is "not working" or busted, hire a local gate service-provider in New York to repair the spring for you. Speedy Doors And Doors offer repair and replacement for all types of spring for roller shutters in New York City. It can be parking lot roll-up steel door repair in Staten Island, or for a storefront shutter in Long Island City NY, we will be there to solve the situation for you.

Roller-Shutter Operator Repairs New York City New York

When the operator of the roller shutter stop operating the gate, it can be due to several reasons:

  1. The situation is with the gate itself.

  2. The situation is with the operator of the gate.

  3. The situation is with the electric power.

  4. The operator installed is not the right operator for the gate.

A qualified roll up door repairman should have the ability to determine what is the reason the roller shutter is not working, and what is the best way to solve the problem. However from the client’s side, no matter what the reason is that prevent the gate from operating, you must stop trying to operate the gate, and get in touch with a local gate expert. Some operators issued can be fixed, and some will require replacement. The experts of Speedy Doors can do both. We can install new roll down door operator, and we can also –as long as it is doable – repair the existing gate operator.

If you want to avoid a stuck, jammed or failing gate operator, and you do not have a gate operator installed already, and you are planning to install a new gate operator, make sure that you will get the right operator for the gate. There different types of roller shutters in New York City, and they require different types of operators. For example, the operator that will be the right one for a storefront gate in Brooklyn will not be the right operator for a commercial use parking lot rolling door in New York City, and vice versa. Some operators are for roll down gates that being used once a day, like a central opener of a roll up gate, and some are for commercial use roller shutters that being used many times a day. To avoid unnecessary repairs, install the right roll up gate operator.

Off Tracks Rollup Gate Repair New York City NYC

Fixing off rails roller shutter, and bringing the gate back to the rails is not something that can be done by any handyman. Bringing a commercial use roller shutter back into the rails is something that require special equipment and special knowledge. It may appear easy to just push and force the roll up gate back into the tracks, but the truth is that the commercial use rolling gates in New York City can be dangerous when they break or go off tracks.

If you need emergency gate repair in NYC, since the roll down gate is off tracks, you just got to the right place. Speedy Doors And Doors offer emergency repairs for roller shuttersincluding off rails roll up gates repairs.

Reasons for off rails roller shutter in Manhattan:

  1. The roll down door wasn’t greased and maintain for a long time.

  2. The roller shutter was closed when something was placed bellow it at its path.

  3. The lock wasn’t removed from the gate before trying to open it.

  4. The roll-down was hit by a vehicle.

  5. The gate was "not working" and operated before repaired.

It doesn’t really make a difference what is the reason that drove the iron door off tracks, it should not be used before a qualified repairman came and fixed it. Bringing the door back into the rails doesn’t not mean that the job is done. There is a need to repair the damage or address the cause that drove the gate off tracks.

Roll Down Gate Repair Case Study

Some roll-down shutters owners in New York try to save money by attempting to fix a "not working" gate by DIY, or by hiring a local handyman for the repair and not a professional rolling door technician. When we arrive to service a "not working" commercial use roll down gate, we can immediately tell if somebody attempted to fix the gate and failed. And in most cases, the attempt to repair the gate without the proper equipment result with bigger damage, and in some cases even with injuries.

We would like to share a story about roll down gate repair in New York City that luckily ended with no injuries: Our repairman arrived once to service a jammed roller shutter at an industrial property in New York City. The gate was jammed after a truck hit it. The repairman offered to replace the damaged materials with new ones, since that was the only way to save money. The client refused to replace the jammed slots saying that the gate is working so why does he need to invest money in replacing them. The repairman left after warning the gate owner that it is dangerous to use the gate in its current condition.

The gate lasted for one hour before it got completely jammed. However it did not over there. Since they repeatedly attempted to operate the gate using the electric c operator, they also destroyed the operator. The case needed with a gate that can’t be fixed anymore, and with a completely new gate installment.

So whenever there is something wrong with gate, hire a local roll-up steel door supplier in New York to fix it. Ignoring a problem, or hoping it is going to miraculously disappear is a mistake that can cost a lot of money and even end with injuries.

About Speedy Doors of NYC

Rolling gates and overhead doors is our specialty. We can repair any type of roll up door in New York City New York, However we are not limited to just repair garage doors in New York City, we also offer same day service from garage doors in the area, so it is not rare for us to fix roll-down doors and roller shutters in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and New Jersey. With our same day service, and with teams of technicians ready for any task, we will help you today. We might not be able to complete the service and make the gate safe for use right there on the spot. However what we can do in case of emergencies in to provide you with emergency gate repair service, and to get the roller shutter secured, until we will return with the missing part to complete the repair.