Roller-Shutter Operator Service New York City New York

Winters in New York City can get tough. And to open a commercial use roller shutter which is not motor-operated using the chain system can be a nightmare. Winter months are the months we get the most calls for shutter opener (operator) installation and repairs. And the reason is that using the chain to open or close the shutter can become impossible. However many people assume that it is better to install the shutter, and in the future to add the electric motor. In some cases they might be right, but it is not always like that. The installation of a motor-operated shutter is different than the installation of a a shutter which will be operated manually. And it is always to plan ahead. So if you are thinking about motorize your roller shutter in the future, let the specialist know that, so he can make the preparations, and install a shutter in a way that will leave the option to motorize the shutter open.

Which shutter opener should be used?

Each shutter require different motor. No one will expect a central opener for a push shutter which is being used once a day, to fit a parking lot roller shutter which is being used 100 times a day. Each shutter require a different motor, and a qualified shutter specialist should be able to determine which one is the best opener for a particular shutter. The size of the shutter (Which affect the weight of the shutter), together with the materials that the roll up door was made of (Some roll-down shutters in New York City are made from Aluminum and they are much lighter than the solid insulated heavy duty shutters). Before installing new opener for a roller shutter, ask yourself few questions that will help you make the right decision.

Things you need to know and questions need to be answered when installing a new opener for rolling door in New York:

  • How often the roll up door in New York will be used.

  • Will the shutter will be installed with the opener at the same time (Recommended).

  • What kind of shutter I am planning to install (Solid, grill, insulated).

  • Do I need remote control/s (Some shutter in New York operated with remotes).

  • Do I need a key switch?

  • What is my budget for the new shutter opener installment?

The Right Operator Each roll-down door need the right operator for it. A opener that will work for a storefront roll up door in the Bronx, will not be the right opener for a parking lot rolling shutter in Staten Island. Make sure that you are choosing the right opener for the door, and avoid problems in the future.

Roll up door opener repair New York City NY

Before we start, one thing need to be clear: Not every opener can be repaired, and even if it can be repaired, it is not always worth it. Sometime replacing the unit and install a new opener will be the best decision. People tend to assume that repairing is always the cheapest option. So we would like to tell you something, repairing the opener is not always the cheapest option, nor the safest one. A opener that broke in a way that damaged the way it operate will never be as strong as it used to be. And we had many cases where the opener broke, and the client refused to replace it and insisted on fixing it. We refused since we knew what was coming, and we were always right. At the end the opener did break.

There are problems that can be repaired, and should be repaired, and replacing the opener will be a waste of money. And there are repairs that should not be made, since the opener will not last for long. If you need shutter opener repair in New York, get in touch with Speedy Doors, and we will solve the situation today.

Why the opener stopped working?

Before we try to answer the question why the roll up shutter opener is not working, we first like to tell you that even if it look like the opener can’t open up the shutter, it does not mean that there is something wrong with the shutter, We get many calls from shop and businesses owners in New York City who tell us that the opener is broken, and when we arrive we see that the opener is fine, and what broke is actually another part of the shutter.

Let’s take for example a common roller shutter situation like a "not working" roll-down spring. When the spring break or if the spring is weak, the shutter is not working properly, and in the event the spring broke the shutter will not work properly. In that case it affect the way the opener operate the shutter, and it may seem like the opener is broken, when under the door’s cover there is a "not working" spring.

Now that we explained that, we can try and provide answers to the question why the shutter opener stopped working. And we like to divide the answer into years. If the opener is less than 10 years old, it might be because the opener is not the right opener for the shutter. If the opener is older than that it can be several reasons. However above all, the biggest reason that lead to a "not working" roll down door motor) and other problems as well), is a lack of maintenance. When you neglect the shutter, it will eventually get suck and stop working.

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Commercial roller shutter operator

The commercial use roller shutters in New York City New York can sometime be used 100 times a day, and sometime even more. And if it is a heavy duty or super duty roller shutter, it need a heavy duty motor, that will make the shutter work whenever it is needed. And here is not the place to try and save money. The difference between high quality shutter opener and low quality shutter opener can be double and even more. However what you think you will save, you will spend later when the opener will break soon. If you own a commercial use rolling door, and you need new motor, invest your money in high quality motor. You will save money since you won’t need to deal with the shutter again any time soon.

You can find strong and reliable roll down doors made by Power-Master, or by Lift-master. They are both strong and reliable. And will be a great option when looking for a strong and reliable rolling iron door opener in New York City.

Storefront shutter opener New York

If you want to motorize your storefront shutter, you got to the right place. Speedy Doors offer solution for all types of rolling iron doors, including storefront shutter repair in NYC. The storefront shutters are usually being used once or twice a day: When you open the shop in the morning, and when you close and secure the place at the end of the day. And as a business owner in New York City, you probably know that if you can’t open the shop in the morning, it means a loss of money, and that your customers or the people who run the shop will not be able to get inside.

At the same time, if you can’t secure the shop since you are unable to close the shutter, it also mean losing time and money, since you will have to wait for a shutter specialist to come and repair the door. The best thing you can do will be to make sure that you install a high quality shutter opener, and that when there is something wrong with the shutter, even the smallest problem, you will not ignore it, and you will hire a local expert to come and repair it.

Rollup door opener & Accessories

Each roll-down shutter require different accessories. Some want to be able to open the roll-down door using a remote control, and some want to be able to open the shutter with a key. Some want keyless entry, and some prefer to be able to open the door from inside and from outside. The important thing is that you know your options, and know what are the newest develops in the industry.

If one of the accessories of the roll-down shutter broke, we can help. We replace and repair roller shutters motors and accessories, and we have the knowledge to deal with complicated jobs, and with heavy duty shutters. You do not need to be concerned you might need a new shutter opener just because one of the accessories broke. We can supply you with all roll up openers accessories.

Rollup Operator specialist New York City New York

To be able to deal with the heavy duty roller shutters openers in New York City, you must have the knowledge that only years in the industry, and only countless amount of roller shutter services can teach you. You also need to have the equipment which are required I order to deal with the heavy duty shutters that can be found in New York City. Speedy Doors have teams of experts in New York City ready for your call, and ready to make your shutter work again. With our same day service, we will repair the damaged motor, or install a new one. Depending in your needs.

The experts of Speedy Doors know one thing: They should never leave the job location before making sure the rolling shutters are working and that the customer got what he expected. The commercial use shutters need to work at all times and in any weather, since when a commercial use roller shutter opener is not working, it means loss of time and money for the shop owner. For same day roll down door opener repair get in touch with us today.